Business Planning

photo9_businessplanningWe assist in the development of business plans for small and mid-sized companies. A well-designed business plan can mean high profits and sustained business development.

Recent start-ups and small businesses are candidates for help building and editing a business plan, a task with which few managers are comfortable. At some point, every company needs a business plan for funding – whether venture capital or a bank loan. Investors and lenders insist on a clear and concise picture of where the business is now, how the funds will be used, and where the business will be in the future.

A business plan engagement consists of interviewing management, accountants, perhaps customers, and preparing a written description of the current and future states of the business, its products, markets and resources, as well as a financial forecast.

Unlike many consulting engagements, much of our writing and analyses can be done in our office, via conference calls, and a few visits to your site. Our business plan development engagements can also be uniquely integrated with other consulting services.